Getting Off On The Right Foot
BreakBelow is a list of helpful links for running, how-to guides, equipment, nutrition etc.


Local Links

Wallaceburg Wellness Centre - Massage, Recovery, Yoga and More

Wallaceburg Senior Community Centre - For adults ages 45+

Wallaceburg Power Fitness Gym - 24/7 Gym

Sydenham / WDSS Pool - Schedule and Events


Get Out There Magazine - News, articles, races, race search and more. - Everything Running - Running tips, ideas, and plans for couch potatoes and inexperienced runners - Stretching exercises for runners - Beginning running - Canada's premier running magazine - How to Train for a Marathon or Half Marathon


Walking - Everything you need to know about walking for fitness - An initiative of Green Communities Canada
- Promotes walking and walk friendly communities across Ontario


Nutrition - Canadian Food Guide - Recovery drink (use coupon code “Brute” for 10% off) - Pre-packaged paleo meals - Best source for Fish oil, Vitamin D3, and Magnesium Supplements


Help Beat Childhood Obesity




Scheduled Runs
Scheduled Runs
Every Tuesday and Thursday @ 5pm, and Sunday at @2:00. We also try to host a social once a month.

Locations vary, please check the website homepage or our facebook group.
Please note that you must be a member to gain access to our facebook page.


Late January, 2021
POHO Chocolate Run
Wallaceburg, ON
Click for Details

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