The Defiance Challenge

Our Defiance Youth Program began in 2013. We had 9 schools participate with just over 500 students, achieving 11,000 kilometers. In 2014, the program expanded, becoming county-wide, with 17 schools participating, including over 3000 students that ran and walked to reach a total of over 33,000 kilometers. The participating schools and their achievements are listed below:

For School Year 2017-2018

Queen Elizabeth Petrolia:   6795.00   200 Students @ 33.975 KM per Student
St. Matthew's Sarnia:   6288.00   225 Students @ 27.94 KM per student
St. Elizabeth:   3793.00   145 Students @ 26.15 KM per student
Christ the King:   3443.00   177 Students @ 19.45 KM per student
HW Burgess:   2205.00   83 Students @ 26.56 KM per student
Riverview Central:   1822.00   96 Students @ 18.97 KM per student
Holy Family:   1505.00   82 Students @ 18.35 KM per student
Tecumseh:   668.00   92 Students @ 7.26 KM per student
Wallaceburg Christian:   660.00   78 Students @ 8.46 KM per student
AA Wright:   629.00   83 Students @ 7.57 KM per student
Bkejwanong Kinoaagewgamig:   582.00   130 Students @ 4.47 KM per student

Grand Total:   28390.00

For School Year 2016-2017:

--   Running For Reading Reboot Program   --

H.W. Burgess:   695
Wallaceburg Christian:   1360
Christ the King:   3925.70

Grand Total:   5980.70

Money Dispersed for Books (2016-2017)

H.W. Burgess:   $250.00
Wallaceburg Christian:   $500.00
Christ the King:   $1250.00

Grand Total:   $2000.00

For School Year 2015-2016:

John N Given:   9441.00
George P Vanier:   4193.00
Christ the King:   4078.00
Harwich Raleigh:   2998.00
WJ Baird:   2914.00
Riverview Central:   2464.00
Wallaceburg Christian:   1127.00
Tecumseh:   940.50
Holy Family:   878.00
H.W. Burgess:   542.00
St. Elizabeth:   403.60

Grand Total:   30477.10

For School Year 2014-2015:

John N Given:   6144.75
Our Lady Of Fatima:   3278.50
Harwich Raleigh:   5291.50
Christ the King:   1650.00
Wallaceburg Christian:   765.50
Wheatley:   2513.00
George P. Vanier:   3281.50
St. Elizabeth:   1064.00
Tecumseh:   1111.50
Gregory Drive:   2935.00
Merlin:   507.50
Victor Lauriston:   420.00
Riverview:   1301.00
Sacret Heart:   1018.00
Holy Family:   1156.00
A.A. Wright:   433.50
H.W. Burgess:   162.50

Grand Total:   33033.75

For School Year 2013-2014:

D.A. Gordon:   250
H.W. Burgess:   325
A.A. Wright:   268
Holy Family:   355
St. Elizabeth:   2290
Wallaceburg Christian:   978
Riverview:   1952
Christ the King:   3250
Dresden Area Central:   1260

Grand Total:   10928

The Defiance Youth Challenge was inspired by teacher Kara Lubin, who implemented a similar program in California, called The 100 Mile Club®. Our challenge encourages children to walk or run each school day (weather permitting) (during our eight week program). In 2013, and 2014, our program ran in the fall. For the 2015-2016 school year, our program will be moving to the spring. The program is free to all students, and all participants receive a Defiance Diploma at the end of the program. This, effective, in-school walk/run program can be modified to fit the need of any child. The program is fun and will introduce a healthy lifestyle to children who may not, otherwise, have such an opportunity. Many children who are intimidated by other sports will embrace this challenge, and with any luck, it will become a stepping-stone to involvement in other activities. The Defiance Youth Challenge is a great cardio tool for all young athletes, regardless of their sport, and is an ideal solution to fulfilling the daily physical activity requirements set forth by the Ministry of Education. This program helps address children’s physical, mental, and social health, with their safety in mind, to help them reach their fullest potential. The Defiance Youth Challenge is a perfect blend of team spirit and personal development. When combined with the nutritional component, it is a win-win program for students, staff and parents.

Many studies have shown the benefit to each student, as well as the school, when programs such as ours are implemented.

Physical activity has been shown to:

  • improve children’s attention span and ability to focus
  • decrease unwanted behaviours
  • improve mental health, mood and self-esteem
  • improve creativity
  • decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression

A study, just released out of McMaster University, of about 500 Hamilton students shows a clear connection between better fitness levels and better school performance. Whether it was reading, writing or mathematics, children in the highest fitness level had significantly higher grades than children in the least-fit category. The difference was about one partial grade mark, equal to, say, a B improving to a B+, for example.
Across Chatham-Kent, there are many programs available in schools to promote healthy eating. The majority of our schools have a snack or breakfast program that is available to all students. There are also schools participating in school gardens, farm-to-school projects and special healthy lunch days. These programs are available to promote health and increase access of healthy foods in schools so that children are ready to learn.
Although these opportunities are taking place at school, we know that students only spend 25% of their day at school. As part of the program a package will be sent home with students that will include tips and tools for parents to use at home.

Our club has created a youth pilot project titled, "Running for Reading." This new project will be limited to three schools, which are: H.W. Burgess, Christ the King, and the Wallaceburg Christian School. In this new program, students will be paid .25 per kilometre to run our walk for the 8 week program. Money raised will be used to purchase books at the participating schools. We hope to expand this program in 2018.





Scheduled Runs
Scheduled Runs
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